Local Content Submission


Please use this form to send ideas and pictures to your corporate social media team. At FullSpeed Automotive, we care about the communities that we do business in. Submitting local content through this page helps us learn about all of the great things happening around your store.

NOTE: You must submit a completed release form with any submissions that have people in the photos. You can download it here, fill it out, and scan or take a picture of it and submit it in the form below.

A few ideas that you can send through this form are:

  1. Clean and well-organized interior and exterior images of your store
  2. Cool cars that you worked on
  3. Images of sports teams that we sponsor
  4. Teammates that you would like to recognize on your local Facebook page for doing a great job
  5. Local news relevant to our industry
  6. Any volunteer work you or a teammate completed
  7. Customer Appreciation Day
  8. Brand Mascot Photos
  9. Crew/Employee Photos (clean uniforms, shirts tucked in, proper shoes, company branded caps)
  10. Crew action photos. Proper safety gear must always be worn. (Changing Oil, Tire Rotation, Battery Check, ETC.)

Max. file size: 50 MB.
Max. file size: 50 MB.